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Day hikes in Taroko



Wenshan 1.9km Baiyang0.6km the center 2km Lyushui 3.5kmàTunnel of nine turns 3.8km Yanzihkou7km Shakadang 2.3km Taroko












        There is an airport named HuaLien Airport in HuaLien city. It is served by public bus which you can take to the hostel.







        Public bus HuaLien Train Station-TienHsiang route makes its final stop near the hostel.  

Location: About 60 miles from HuaLien city.                             Service Tel: 03-8323485

Parking: At or near hostel

Rail: Guests can be here from Taipei or KaoHsiung by train easily.

Metro: The metro is located at the HuaLien city, about 60 minuets by taxi or 90 minuets by  public bus.

Port: The port of HuaLien is located in HuaLien city; it takes about 30 minuets to get to the HuaLien Train Station by bus.  




uHualienàTien-Hsiang, 110 minutes by Bus. Departure Time 06:30, 08:40, 10:50, 13:50.




vTien-HsiangàHualien, 110 minutes by Bus. Departure Time 09:10, 13:40, 16:40, 18:30.


No.30, Tienhsiang Rd. , Shioulin Township, Hualien County
Tel( 886 ) 03-8691111    Fax( 886 ) 03-8691171

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