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Booking attention




      After we receive your reservation, we will make a confirmation with you via email or fax in one week, and then it is a complete reservation.

Guest shuttle service

      Please make advanced booking via the service counter in lobby.


The room (All rooms en-suite)


Twin Room , $2400
(Space small)

Deluxe Twin , $3300

Double Room,

VIP Room


1 double

Family Triple Room, $3600

1 double & 1 Single

Family  Triple Room, $4800

1 double &

 2 singles

New Family  Triple Room, $4800

1 double &

 2 singles

Four people  Room, $4800

4 singles
(Wood floor)

LunchDinner (Chinese Set Meal )

One set  $200 /$250
Service Time:12p.m.~13:30p.m./

                    18p.m. ~19:30p.m.

Contents: Entree, Side- Oders, Rice, Soup and Fruit are included.



Each person $150

Service Time: 7 a.m.~830 a.m.


No.30, Tienhsiang Rd. , Shioulin Town, Hualien County
Tel( 886 ) 03-8691111    Fax( 886 ) 03-8691171

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