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        Tienhsiang Youth Hostel Activity Center is situated in the east part of Taroko National Park, 485 meters above sea level. The park is famous for its high mountains and sheer gorges. The varied mountain peaks, numerous waterfalls, diverse plant forms and animal life, together with the indigenous Taroko people, create the rich texture of this unique natural ecosystem.

        We genuinely invite our guests from all over the world to have an enjoyable vacation in the hostel. Besides good meals and hospitality, we provide our guest with one of the most gorgeous scenery in Taiwan as well.





        Convenient store, Laundry, internet(wireless/cable), Cafe (Western set meal, Pizza, coffee, juice..,) Restaurant, (Chinese set meal available)


No.30, Tienhsiang Rd. , Shioulin Town, Hualien County
Tel( 886 ) 03-8691111    Fax( 886 ) 03-8691171

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